About Us | SullivanHayes Brokerage

Our two Colorado offices, in Denver and Boulder, bring together a seasoned brokerage team beyond compare, which coupled with our outstanding staff of assistants and research personnel, work tirelessly to further the success of SullivanHayes and its clients.

SullivanHayes Brokerage provides every project or tenant representation client with a team of dedicated retail specialists; professionals in the leasing, sale and/or aquisition of retail centers.


SullivanHayes Brokerage is the designated ChainLinks affiliate for Colorado. ChainLinks is the leading retail-only real estate services and commercial property brokerage organization in North America serving America's premier retailers, landlords, and investors. ChainLinks provides a framework for its 600+ retail broker specialists to service clients by combining their local market expertise with the information and relationships built over ChainLinks' national organization and coverage.


SullivanHayes Brokerage has been a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) since its inception in 1978. Tom Castle, President of SullivanHayes, is a past State Director of ICSC for Colorado. ICSC encompasses all aspects of the shopping center industry. Through the continuing education programs and participation, SullivanHayes further establishes its market position and relationships with regional and national chain store tenants through the deal making seminars, regional conferences and national conferences of ICSC.

SullivanHayes Brokerage has the people with the willingness to work hard, work intelligently and focus attention to exact market conditions, not only in our local market, but to react in anticipation of the effect of national retail business as a whole.

We must replace the old with the new when the market dictates; to think in innovative ways, to create opportunities where none before existed and to remain steadfastly dedicated to the highest quality of professional services through a combined "Team Effort" -- these are the goals of SullivanHayes Brokerage..